How Much Will A Solar Installation Save Me On My Monthly Energy Bill?

How Much Will A Solar Installation Save Me On My Monthly Energy Bill?

One of the primary benefits of having solar panels installed is saving on monthly energy costs. At Solertek in Amarillo, we’ve helped countless homeowners enjoy increased savings through the power of solar. If you’ve wondered how much a solar installation would save you on your monthly bill, keep reading!

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Calculating Your Current Energy Usage

Before you think about how much you can save with solar, it’s important to calculate your current energy usage. Your monthly utility bill should indicate how many kilowatt hours (kWh) you’ve used in the past 30+ days, and that number likely goes up during the summer months when you’re running the air conditioner or using electronics more throughout the home.

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Finding How Much You Can Save

Your monthly electric bill will vary depending on where you are in the state and what your local electricity rate is. Most Texas homeowners spend at least $100/month on electricity, but with solar, that cost can be significantly reduced. Solar panels can help you knock that cost down to almost nothing, since you’ll be generating your own power through solar energy. Our team can help you calculate the exact savings based on your location.

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Sending Power Back to the Grid

Another great benefit of solar panels for your home is that you become less dependent on the local energy grid. You’re generating your own power, and in some instances, you can even send that power back to the grid for a credit each month. Not only are you saving significantly on your monthly energy bill, you’re also getting money back from your municipality!

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Long-Term Savings

Solar panel installation can seem costly, but the long-term savings can more than cover the investment you make when you have a system added to your home. With traditional electricity use, you might consume 800-900 kWh per month, but with your solar panels generating that much electricity from the sun, you can enjoy monthly savings for a very long time. The panels are designed to last 25 to 30 years, and you could save thousands of dollars over the course of a few decades!

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