For Your Home

Tired of paying full price on your energy bills? Wondering how to benefit the environment while nurturing your own financial security? Solar power is the answer. Harnessing the sun is the most dependable alternative form of energy, especially in Texas, where we get plenty of sunshine! Based out of Amarillo, Solertek is dedicated to helping homeowners bring energy efficiency and savings to their lives. We’re ready to partner with you!

Solar Energy for Your Home

Your home deserves the best, and that’s exactly what it will get with Solertek. We bring a uniquely nuanced, comprehensive approach to each property, carefully considering your individual needs, budget, and expectations. Our main goal is to make solar power work in your unique situation, and we always go the extra mile to get you everything you need.

When you decide to work with us, we will not just come out and put up a plethora of solar panels on your roof. The Solertek team will come out and assess your entire home from the lens of how efficient it is. Energy efficiency isn’t just about putting solar panels up, you may need to add insulation, utilize heat recovery to reduce air conditioning costs or seal your windows. We want to work with you to truly understand the full scope of energy efficiency. This includes customizable roof coatings and more. You must reduce before you produce!

Ultimately, we want to make your property the energy-saving masterpiece it was meant to be. Contact us to learn more today.